Example of a pass-through server topology

A pass-through server topology can benefit users and servers on the same network as the pass-through server as well as remote users and servers.

For example, the fictional Renovations company has a dedicated pass-through server that functions only to provide workstations and servers with access to destination servers. This server does not contain any databases. The pass-through runs all the protocols that the destination servers run so that users and servers that connect to it have access to the entire system.

Note: Support for direct dialup modem (X.PC) connections is available only in releases of IBM® Lotus® Domino® earlier than release 8.5. You can continue to use Domino® Administrator 8.5 to configure and maintain direct dialup modem support, but only on servers running releases earlier than 8.5.

The example topology requires the following configuration:

  • Notes® Direct Dialup Connection document on the remote server for connection to pass-through server.
  • Passthru Connection document on the remote server to specify pass-through.
  • Connection documents on the remote server for connection to each destination server.
  • Modified Location document on local IBM® Notes® clients to specify name of pass-through server.
  • Notes® Direct Dialup Connection document on remote Notes® clients for connection to pass-through.
  • Passthru Connection documents on remote Notes® clients to specify pass-through connection.
  • Modified Server documents (to allow appropriate access rights) on pass-through and destination servers.