Using statistics to detect delays in replication within a cluster

Use cluster currency statistics to help proactively spot delays in database replication within a cluster.


Enter the following command at the console of a server in the cluster to see the statistics:
show stat replica.cluster.currency.*

A set of currency statistics reports the time frames within which databases last replicated with each other server in the cluster. Statistics are grouped by server.

For example, the following output shows that all 98 replicas the server has in common with the server Mail2/Renovations replicated within one minute:
[00134C:000008-00000000000004AC]   Replica.Cluster.Currency.Mail2/Renovations.Outside8Hours = 0
[00134C:000008-00000000000004AC]   Replica.Cluster.Currency.Mail2/Renovations.Uninitialized = 0
[00134C:000008-00000000000004AC]   Replica.Cluster.Currency.Mail2/Renovations.Within15Min = 0
[00134C:000008-00000000000004AC]   Replica.Cluster.Currency.Mail2/Renovations.Within1Hour = 0
[00134C:000008-00000000000004AC]   Replica.Cluster.Currency.Mail2/Renovations.Within1Min = 98
[00134C:000008-00000000000004AC]   Replica.Cluster.Currency.Mail2/Renovations.Within4Hours = 0
[00134C:000008-00000000000004AC]   Replica.Cluster.Currency.Mail2/Renovations.Within5Min = 0
[00134C:000008-00000000000004AC]   Replica.Cluster.Currency.Mail2/Renovations.Within8Hours = 0