Fillable PDF integration

HCL Domino Leap's document integration feature lets you use previously built PDF files and populate them with data captured by Domino Leap in a Domino Leap form.

Where compliance or regulatory requirements mandate it, integrating Domino Leap captured data with existing documents can be an important part of the overall Domino Leap solution. These output documents can be provided for precise printing, document signing or archiving.

You can now use a Domino Leap form to collect user data, and display the information in a PDF. This process requires four steps:
  1. Load an existing PDF into Domino Leap.
  2. Create a form that contains information fields that align with fields in the PDF.
  3. Create a service description by mapping fields from your form to fields in the PDF.
  4. Add a button that the user can click to populate and display a PDF.
Note: For the Domino Leap document integration, PDFs must allow the input of information to be populated by data that is collected in a Domino Leap application.