Moving items in an application

Form items are not static after they are added to a form. You can move items around on a single page, duplicate form items, and move items between pages on your form.

Moving items on a single page of a form is done by clicking the item and dragging it to a new column or row. Notification is displayed by the mouse cursor if the location to which you move the form item is valid or not.

You can move all Palette items between pages in a form. If you want to move an item from Page 1 to Page 2 of your form, select the item and drag it to the top section of your palette. Hover your mouse over Page 2. You can either drop the item on Page 2, where it is inserted into the first available cell of the page, or drag it onto a specific cell on Page 2.

Items may not be moved from a form to an app page and vice versa.

Usage details

  • If you want to have a form item on multiple pages of your form, duplicate the item and move the duplicate to the other page. The duplicate icon is located next to the Rules icon on each form item.
  • When you duplicate a form item:
    • Rules: If a form item is part of a Rule, the Rule is replicated and applies to the duplicate form item.
    • Formulas: If a form item uses a Formula, the Formula is replicated and applies to the duplicate form item.
    • Events: If an Event is set on a form item, the Event is replicated and applies to the duplicate form item.
    • Stage settings: Stage settings for a form item are not replicated onto the new form item. You must apply Stage settings to the new item in the Workflow tab.
  • You can move forms and form items in the top section of the palette. This includes moving child pages, such as the ones created when you add a table to your form.
  • Items in a table can be moved only within the same table. You can move entire Tables between form pages, but you cannot move a form item from inside one table to a table on another page.
  • Keyboard shortcuts to move items between pages:
    • Tab: Focus on a cell, or to move focus from one cell to another
    • Space or Enter: Select focused item
    • Ctrl+M: Drop an item on the cell that has focus
    • Esc: Cancel selection.