Understanding Dojo widgets

Dojo widgets are prepackaged JavaScript code, HTML, and CSS declarations that enhance the appearance and use of controls in both a browser and the Notes® client.

Dojo widgets can be used on the following controls: Edit Box, Rich Text, Multiline Edit Box, Button, Check Box, Radio Button, Date Time Picker, Span Content, Panel, Table, Div.

In Domino® 8.5.3, the Dojo files are under domino\js\dojo-1.5.0\dijit in the Notes® data directory. In Domino® 8.5.2, they are under domino\js\dojo-1.4.1\dijit.

Applications should refer to Dojo files through /.ibmxspres/dojoroot/ which maps to the supported version.

For more information on Dojo, see http://api.dojotoolkit.org.