Manipulating controls and text

You can add controls and text to an XPage using the Design or Source editor. The Controls palette provides a source for controls.

The Controls palette appears in a window to the side of the editor. If it is not there, click Window > Show Eclipse Views > Controls.

You can drag a control from the palette to the editor (both Design and Source). Alternatively you can position the cursor in the editor then double-click the control on the palette. You can also use Create > Core Controls or Create > Container Controls from the menu.

You can move, resize, cut, copy, paste, and delete controls in the usual manner.

You can add text and carriage returns to an XPage.

Positioning the cursor on a control in the Design editor makes its properties available. Positioning the cursor outside all controls makes the XPage properties available.

You can also perform some XPage manipulations from the Outline view.