Text constants

Specify a text constant by enclosing characters, including spaces, numbers, and special characters, in quotation marks ("") or braces ({}).

Note: Braces as text constant delimiters are new with Release 6.

Using braces as text delimiters enables you to enter the text constant "Hello World" as {"Hello World"} instead of "\"Hello World\"".

Do not enter variable names in quotation marks or braces, or the names are treated as text.

Enter numbers in quotation marks or braces when you want them treated as text.

To include multiple characters, for example, spaces, use @Repeat.

The backslash ( \ ) serves as an escape character in a text constant. To embed quotation marks in a text constant delimited by quotation marks, precede each embedded quotation mark with a backslash. To embed a right brace in a text constant delimited by braces, precede each embedded right brace with a backslash. To embed a backslash in a text constant, type two backslashes.

A compiled formula does not distinguish between quotation marks and braces. When you open a design element containing formulas, quotation marks delimit all constants including those previously specified with braces. A backward slash prefixes a quotation mark previously specified in a constant delimited by braces.