Setting Alternate HTML attributes

About this task

Use Alternate HTML for a browser that does not support Java.


  1. Select the Java applet and if the Programmer's pane is not displayed, choose Java Applet - Java Applet Parameters.
  2. Click "Alternate HTML."
  3. Enter text or a formula.

    For example, enter the following to tell users that their browser doesn't work with the Java applet:

    "You're trying to run a Java applet with a browser that doesn't support Java. You can run this applet with Domino, Netscape Versions 3 and 4, or Internet Explorer Versions 3, 4, or 5."
  4. Optional: Use the "Text to display when applet is not running" property in the Java Applet Info tab of the Java Applets Properties box to specify text that a browser displays when it supports Java but cannot display the Java applet.