RichTextOption (DxlExporter - Java)

Read-write. Specifies the format of richtext items that occur in the exported DXL.

Note: This property is new with Release 8.

Defined in


Data type



public int getRichTextOption()
    throws NotesException
public void setRichTextOption(int option)
    throws NotesException

Legal Values

  • RICHTEXTOPTION_DXL (0) (default) Richtext is output in its normal DXL format, as a <richtext> element.
  • RICHTEXTOPTION_RAW (1) Richtext is output as a <rawitemdata> element containing the raw data for the richtext item, encoded in Base64. This option can be useful if the only purpose of the DXL will be to import it into another database, because it assures that the imported data will be precisely the same as the original.


If you use RICHTEXTOPTION_RAW, the rich text item will be the same as the original on the binary level, but if it's a design note, it might not be functionally identical unless you also use "note format" for the note generally ForceNoteFormat property.

For example, if a form uses non-standard fonts, there's a font table stored in a separate item. The $Body rich text item, containing the bulk of the form data, doesn't refer to fonts by name, but by a number giving the position of the font in this table. If you reproduce the rich text item exactly, but not the font table, then your rich text refers to font table entries that don't exist, and it will display the wrong fonts.