MIMEOption (DxlExporter - Java)

Read-write. Specifies the format of MIME items or documents that occur in the exported DXL.

Note: This property is new with Release 8.

Defined in


Data type



public int getMIMEOption()
    throws NotesException
public void setMIMEOption(int option)
    throws NotesException

Legal Values

  • MIMEOPTION_DXL (0) A document in MIME format is output in DXL primarily as a <mime> element, although the document may contain additional <item> elements as well. This is currently only recommended for use when exporting mail databases. Any document containing MIME-related items is interpreted as a MIME mail message, and most of the items are processed and converted into a single stream of MIME data, much as the Domino® router would do to send to another mail server in MIME format. This data becomes the content of the <mime> element.
    Note: Some of the MIME parts within this content might be content-transfer-encoded so as to not conflict with the character encoding of the DXL document. Because MIME data often contains HTML, which includes special characters such as '<', the Exporter will ususally place the content of the <mime> element within an XML CDATA section so that no escaping of the data is necessary.
  • MIMEOPTION_RAW (1) (default) Any item whose data type is a MIME data type is output as an <item> which has a <rawitemdata> element containing the raw data for the item, encoded in Base64.
    Note: This was the only DXL format for MIME data prior to Release 8, and has been retained as the default for backward compatibility with earlier applications.