Creating controlled-access sections of forms

About this task

You can control access to parts of documents by creating access-controlled sections on forms that allow specified users to see restricted parts of documents.

To create a controlled-access section


  1. Highlight the text, fields, and other design elements on a form that make up the section.
  2. Choose Create - Section - Controlled Access.
  3. Optional: In the Section Properties box on the Section Title and Border tab, edit the section title.
  4. Optional: Enter a Section Field Name.
  5. Optional: Choose a border style and border color for the section.


You can insert fields and other design elements into the section after creating it. To append design elements at the end of the section, set the border style as a box. When you have finished appending design elements, set the border style to no border.

To name the editors for a controlled-access section


  1. Click the section title.
  2. Choose Section - Section Properties.
  3. Click the Formula tab.
  4. Select Editable as the section type to allow the document creator to specify the section editors.
  5. Select one of the Computed types to use a formula to define the section editors.
  6. Optional: (Optional for an editable field; Required for a computed field) In the Properties box, write a formula to define who can edit the field, and click the check mark. The formula should return a list of users, groups and/or roles who can edit the section. For example, if the editors list is "computed when composed" and you want to allow editing by the original author and members of the [Admin] role, you could use this formula:
    @Username : "[Admin]"


Note: These formulas are calculated at the same times as the corresponding types of field formulas. For example, for an Editable section editors list, the Default formula is calculated only when the document is composed, a Computed for Display formula is evaluated every time the document is opened, and a Computed formula is evaluated when the docuent is saved. If you want to base the editability on something other than the user's identity, use Computed for Display, For example:
@If(@Weekday(@Today) = 2; @Username; "-nobody-")

Note: When you specify names for section editors, use the full hierarchical name for each user if there is a chance this database will be copied or replicated to another domain. Within a domain, an abbreviated, or common name, is sufficient for user authentication, but between domains, you must supply the full hierarchical name or authentication will fail.

To make a controlled-access section collapsible


  1. Click the section marker and choose Section - Section Properties.
  2. Click the Expand/Collapse tab and select options for showing the section expanded or collapsed, depending on whether a document is being previewed, printed, or opened.
  3. On the same tab, click the "For Editors" list and select "For Non-editors." A list of options appears for displaying the section to users who can read but not edit the section.
  4. Optional: Select "Hide title when expanded" if users who are non-editors don't need to see the section title when the fields are displayed.
  5. Save and close the form.