Creating write access lists to limit folder access

About this task

To allow some users and not others to update the contents of a folder, create a write access list for the folder. You can add users to a write access list for a folder as long as the users already have at least Author access in the database access control list. Users specified in the write access list for the folder can move and copy documents into the folder and can remove documents from the folder. With only Author access, they cannot edit documents in the folder.


  1. Select a database.
  2. In the Design pane, click Folders.
  3. Double-click the view or folder in the Work pane.
  4. Choose Design - Folder Properties.
  5. Click the Security tab.
  6. In the "Contents can be updated by:" section, deselect "All Authors and above."
  7. Do any of the following:
    • Click each user, group, server, or access role you want to include. A check mark appears next to each selected name.
    • Click the Person icon to add person or group names from a Personal Address Book or from the Domino® Directory.
    • To remove a name from the list, click the name again to remove the check mark.
  8. Save the folder.