replaceItemValueCustomData (Document - Java)

Replaces all items of the specified name with one new item, which is assigned custom data from an object. If the document does not contain an item with the specified name, this method creates a new item and adds it to the document.

Note: This method is new with Release 6.

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public void replaceItemValueCustomData(String itemname, Object userobj)
    throws NotesException
public void replaceItemValueCustomData(String itemname, String datatypename, Object userobj)
    throws NotesException


String itemname

The name of the item.

Object userobj

An object that contains the custom data. The class that defines this object must implement Serializable. If desired, you can override readObject and writeObject.

String datatypename

A name for the data type. When getting custom data, use this name for verification.


The new item replaces all previous items with the same name.

To keep the changes, you must call save after calling replaceItemValueCustomData.

The custom data cannot exceed 64K.

If you intend to get the custom data through a language binding other than Java, use a "Bytes" method.

For methods that get custom data, see:

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