convertToMIME (Document - Java)

Converts a document in Notes® format to MIME format similar to a mail router.

Note: This method is new in Release 8.5.1.

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public void convertToMIME(int conversiontype, long options)
    throws NotesException


int conversiontype

One of the following:

  • Document.CONVERT_RT_TO_HTML (2) produces MIME output with a Text/HTML part that is a representation of the Notes® rich text. Some data loss is possible in the rendering. Improvements in fidelity may occur at any time.
  • Document.CONVERT_RT_TO_PLAINTEXT (1) produces MIME output with a Text/Plain part that is a representation of the Notes® rich text. Everything but text contained in rich text is lost. For tables, a crude approximation is made using non-graphic characters.
  • Document.CONVERT_RT_TO_PLAINTEXT_AND_HTML (3) (default) produces MIME output with two renditions of the Notes® rich text: a Text/Plain part and a Text/HTML part. The characteristics of each stream are the same as their corresponding descriptions. This is useful when the target audience may or may not have an HTML-capable mail reader, or can receive only text.
long options

Reserved for future use.


The document's form is evaluated and the fields are used in the MIME conversion.

The conversion of rich text is imperfect.