recertify (Registration - Java)

Recertifies an ID file.

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public boolean recertify(String idfile)
    throws NotesException
public boolean recertify(String idfile, String certpw, String comment)
    throws NotesException


String idfile

The ID file to be recertified; specify the full path, for example, c:\notes\data\

String certpw

The password for the certifier ID file.

String comment

A value for the comment field in the Domino® Directory record for the user.

Return value


True if the operation is successful; false otherwise.


CertifierIDFile must be set.

Expiration defaults to 2 years from now.

Note: The expiration default is new with Release 6.0.3.

This method acts on the Domino® Directory (names.nsf) for the server specified by RegistrationServer, or names.nsf in the local Domino® data directory if this property is not set.

This method prompts for the ID password.