IsUseCertificateAuthority (Registration - Java)

Read-write. Indicates that the certificate authority (CA) is used for registration.

Note: This property is new with Release 6.5.

Defined in


Data type



public boolean isUseCertificateAuthority()
    throws NotesException
public void setUseCertificateAuthority(boolean flag)
    throws NotesException

Legal values

  • true if the CA is used
  • false (default) if the CA is not used


Set this property before calling crossCertify, recertify, registerNewCertifier, registerNewServer, or registerNewUser.

If this property is true, CertifierName must specify the name of a CA-enabled certifier.

If this property is true, the certifier ID and password are not needed for registration.

If you are working in a hosted environment and are registering a user to a hosted organization, be sure to register the user with a certifier created for that hosted organization.