Designing a form that lets users make selections from a view

About this task

You can design a form that uses @PickList to display a list of choices from a view.


  1. Create a form.
  2. Create a button, hotspot, or action to store the @PickList formula.
  3. For an action, choose View - Action Pane and then click the action. For button or hotspot, click the form and then click the button or hotspot.
  4. In the Objects tab on the Info list in the Programmer's pane, select the Click method for the button, hotspot, or action.
  5. In the Script area of the Programmer's pane, make sure you have selected Run - Client - Formula.
  6. Write a formula using @PickList and the [Custom] parameter, unless you want to use [Name] to display a Domino® directory or personal name and address book.
  7. Close and save the form.

Using @PickList

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The @PickList looks up the values in a view as @DbColumn does, but lets the user pick a value from one document. This function is similar to using @Prompt in a form, but is specifically for use with views.

@Picklist offers the following advantages over formulas that use @DbColumn or @DbLookup.

  • It is not limited to 64K of data.
  • It is faster than @DbColumn or @DbLookup.
  • It allows users to type the first few characters of an entry to find it quickly in the view.


About this task

This formula displays the Products view of PROD.NSF in a dialog box:

choice:=@PickList([Custom] ; "":"prod.nsf" ; "Products" ; "Select a product" ; "Please select the products you want to order" ; 1 );