Designing fields that prompt users to select folders

About this task

Adding a FolderOptions field to a form lets users select a folder for new documents without having to choose Actions - Move to Folder after saving. You can define the field so that users are prompted to choose a folder or so that a document is automatically saved to the current folder.


  1. Create a field named FolderOptions and define it as a computed text field, computed number field, or an editable choice list field.

    Do not select "Allow multi-values" or "Allow values not in the list."

    Computed-for-display and computed-when-composed fields do not work in this situation.

  2. For a choice list field, on the Control tab of the Field Properties box, select "Enter choices (one per line)" and write each entry, using a keyword and its equivalent synonym -- for example:
    Choose folder from list | 1
    Save in current folder | 2
  3. For a computed field, select Value from the Objects tab of the Info List in the Programmer's pane.

    For an editable field, select Default value from the Objects tab of the Info List in the Programmer's pane.

  4. Write a formula in the Script area of the Programmer's pane.

    The FolderOptions field must contain the value or default value 1 or 2.

    "1" (Prompts user to choose folder)

    This value prompts the user with the "Move to Folder" dialog box. Selecting a folder and clicking Add puts the new document in a folder. Selecting Cancel saves the document without putting it in a folder.

    "2" (Save to current folder)

    If the user is creating the document from an open folder, this value saves and adds the document to that folder. If the user is not creating the document from a folder, the document is saved but not added to a folder.