To hide a field

About this task

If you have computed fields that users don't need to see, or if you create two fields -- one for display when reading and one for use when editing -- you can stipulate when to hide the fields.


  1. Select the field you want to hide.
  2. Choose Design - Field Properties.
  3. On the Hide tab, do one of the following:
    • Select "Hide paragraph when document is:" and click all situations when users don't need to see the field information.
    • Select "Hide paragraph if formula is true" and write a formula in the formula window on the Properties box to describe the situations when users don't need to see the fields.


Choosing "Refresh fields when keywords change" displays documents faster than the form property "Automatically refresh fields." It is useful for showing or hiding parts of the form when you have hide-when formulas that are dependent on values in the field.


About this task

To make documents more readable, you decide to modify the Marketing Ideas form to show only the model name for the product that the author selects.

The Models field is a radio button field that displays these choices for refrigerator models:


Icebox 2000



The Chiller

You hide the Models field when previewed and opened for reading.

You create a computed text field called SelectedModel and locate it under the Models field. SelectedModel uses the value from the Models field. You hide the SelectedModel field when opened for editing.

Now when users create a new document, all model names are shown. When users read a document, they see only the model name chosen by the author.