Examples: Creating a formula for an editable field

Default value formula examples

The default value formula provides an initial value for an editable field. You can set the value to a specific number or text string, or you can use a formula. For example:

The formula



The number 0


The current time and date


The common name portion of a user's hierarchical name


The value of the field named Price

"Connecticut":"New York":"New Jersey"

A text list containing Connecticut, New York, New Jersey

Product + ", " + Department

The value of the field named Product, followed by a comma and a space, and the value of the field named Department

Example: Input translation formula

The following formula translates the text in the Attorney field for display with initial capital letters. If a user enters the text john smith in the Attorney field, it is translated to John Smith when the document is saved.


The following formula gives documents a uniform look by capitalizing the initial letter of the value in the Subject field and removing extra spaces.


Input validation formula examples

Field criteria


User must enter a value that is less than 100 in Cost field

@If(Cost<100;@Success;@Failure("Cost must be less than $100."));

User must enter a value for the Subject field

@If(Subject = ""; @Failure("You must enter a subject for your document."); @Success)