embedObject (RichTextItem - Java)

Given the name of a file or an application, either:

  • Attaches the file you specify to a rich text item.
  • Embeds an OLE/1 object in a rich text item. The OLE/1 object is created using the file you specify.

Defined in



public EmbeddedObject embedObject(int type, String class, String source, String name)
    throws NotesException


int type

One of the following:

  • EmbeddedObject.EMBED_ATTACHMENT
  • EmbeddedObject.EMBED_OBJECT (OLE/1 objects only)
String class

Specify an empty string ("").

String source

Specify the name of the file to attach or embed.

String name

String. Name by which you can reference the EmbeddedObject later. Can be null.

Return value


The newly attached file or embedded OLE/1 object.


Files can be attached on any supported platform.

Files can be embedded as OLE/1 objects on any supported platform (if the file is of a supported type, such as a Notes® application data file).

In an open document in edit mode (the NotesDocument via NotesUIDocument.Document), changes made to rich text will not appear on screen immediately as they would with fields of other types. There is no method to cause this update to occur. You must close and reopen the document to see changes.