EmbeddedObjects (RichTextItem - Java)

Read-only. All the embedded objects, object links, and file attachments contained in a rich text item.

Note: Embedded objects and object links are not supported for UNIX, and the Macintosh. File attachments are.

Defined in


Data type

java.util.Vector; elements are EmbeddedObject


public java.util.Vector getEmbeddedObjects()
    throws NotesException


This property includes OLE/1 and OLE/2 embedded objects and object links as well as file attachments.

If you need access to OLE/2 embedded objects that exist in a document but are not part of a rich text item (for example, because the object was originally created on the document's form), use the EmbeddedObjects property in Document.

In an open document in edit mode (the NotesDocument via NotesUIDocument.Document), changes made to rich text will not appear on screen immediately as they would with fields of other types. There is no method to cause this update to occur. You must close and reopen the document to see changes.