Embedding a date picker

About this task

The embedded date picker is a navigational tool that works with open calendar views. You can use an embedded date picker on a page or form to customize a calendar application. The embedded date picker displays a monthly calendar and the user can choose a month and a day of the month.

If you use a date picker in a frameset with a calendar view, clicking a specific day in the date picker broadcasts a message to the frameset to display the corresponding day in the calendar view and also displays all calendar entries for that day. Note that the embedded date picker must be in the same frameset as the calendar view and the calendar view must be open. This feature is not supported on the Web.

To use a graphical calendar pop-up to make filling in a date/time field easier for users, see the topic Creating a graphical display for Date/Time fields.

Beginning with Domino® Designer Release 6, you can specify the calendar view with which to use the embedded date picker. This is important if there is more than one calendar view in a frameset. To specify the calendar view, go to the Info tab of the Date Picker Properties box. Enter a target frame so that the date selected appears only in the calendar in the target frame. If you do not specify a target frame, all calendar views in the frameset switch to the day selected in the date picker.

To embed a date picker


  1. Move the cursor where you want the date picker to display on a page, form, subform, or the rich-text field of a document.
  2. Choose Create - Embedded element - Date picker.
  3. Select the date picker and choose Element - Date Picker Properties to set the following properties:
    • Horizontal and vertical size
    • Font style and color
    • Alignment and spacing
    • Hide-when options
    • Target frame