Creating and formatting horizontal rules

About this task

To separate different parts of a page or form, or to make the document more interesting visually, add horizontal rules. You can set width, height, and color (including gradient color) for horizontal rules.

To create a horizontal rule


  1. Move the cursor to the place for the horizontal rule.
  2. Choose Create - Horizontal Rule.

To change the style of a horizontal rule


  1. Select the horizontal rule; choose Horizontal Rule - Horizontal Rule Properties.
  2. Click the Horizontal Rule Info tab. On the Info tab you can:
    • Change the width and height.
    • Select a solid color. You can select a color from the palette or customize colors by using the color wheel button in the Color box. To set the color of your horizontal rule to your system's color scheme, click the Color box menu and click the System button.
    • Select a gradient color. A gradient color is a color that blends and fades into the other original color within a horizontal rule. Gradient color is not supported on the Web.
    • Make a horizontal rule transparent.
    • Select No 3D shading