Adding text to and highlighting navigator objects

About this task

You can add text to most objects, including buttons, rectangles, polygons, and so on. You cannot add text to the following objects: polylines, hotspot rectangles, hotspot polygons, graphic buttons, and graphic backgrounds. You can also highlight an object. When an object is highlighted, its appearance changes when the cursor is over it or when it is clicked.


  1. Create a new navigator, or open an existing navigator.
  2. Click a navigator object.
  3. Choose Design - Object Properties.
  4. Click the Info tab. Enter text for the object in the Caption box..
  5. Click the HiLite tab.
    • Select "Highlight when touched" to show the highlighted style when the user's cursor passes over the object.
    • Select "Highlight when clicked" to show the highlighted style when the user clicks the object. The object remains highlighted until the user clicks another object.
  6. Optional: Change the highlight border width, highlight border color, and highlight background color.
  7. Optional: Click the Styles tab and do one of the following to define the unhighlighted style:
    • Select a border width, border color, and background color.
    • For a button, select a button face color, bevel width, and border color.
    • Select "Make Default" to apply to all new objects of this type.
  8. Close and save the navigator.
    Tip: Choose Design - Preview in Notes® or Design - Preview in Web Browser <browser> to select the highlight settings.