Adding hotspots

About this task

A hotspot is a programmed area that you click to execute an action. Hotspots are always overlayed on a navigator -- you cannot hide them.

To automate a hotspot, attach an action to it. For example, if your navigator is a map, you can create hotspots so that a user clicking on a region in the map views information about that region.

To create a hotspot


  1. Create a new navigator, or open an existing navigator.
  2. Use the Create menu to add a hotspot. For example, Create - Hotspot Polygon. (Or select a hotspot tool from the SmartIcons palette.)
  3. Click on the navigator and drag to create the hotspot. The polygon tool allows you to create a line segment each time you click. Double-click to complete the drawing and close the polygon hotspot.
  4. Optional: Double-click the hotspot to edit its properties.