Setproxyuser method (NotesHTTPRequest - LotusScript)

Set user name and password to be used in authentication with the proxy.

Defined in



Call NotesHTTPRequest.Setproxyuser(PROXY_USER$, PROXY_PASSWORD$)


PROXY_USER$: String. User name to be used in authentication with proxy.

PROXY_PASSWORD$:String. Password to be used in authentication with proxy.


Dim webRequest as NotesHTTPRequest
Set webRequest = NotesSession.CreateHTTPRequest()
Call webRequest.Setproxy("http:\\", 3128)
Call webRequest.Setproxyuser("pxuser", "psswd")
'Following two requests will go through proxy if proxy authenticates successfully
Call webRequest.get(URL$)
Call$, valueV)
Note: If Proxy authentication fail for some reasons (wrong user name or password) your line Call webRequest.get(URL$) will raise an exception with error message: failure in receiving network data.