LotusScript® Classes Tutorial

Welcome to LotusScript® and Domino®. "LotusScript® Classes Tutorial" consists of three lessons designed to introduce you to using the LotusScript® language in Domino®. Each lesson includes:

  • A series of steps that help you create and test a working script
  • A line-by-line explanation of the script
  • A challenge, to use what you have just learned
  • One possible solution to the challenge

Each lesson assumes that you have some experience with Domino® application development, and that you have completed the previous lesson.

Do this now

Each lesson also uses a sample discussion database, which you should create now:

  1. Open Domino® Designer. If you are in the Notes® client, do this by clicking the Domino® Designer icon on the bookmark bar. Domino Designer icon
  2. Choose File - Database - New.
  3. For the server, use Local.
  4. Enter the title as "Learning LotusScript®."
  5. Leave the file name as "Learning LotusScript®.nsf."
  6. If you see a list of templates, go to the next step. If you don't see a list of templates, select Template Server and a server that contains the templates.
  7. Select the "Discussion - Notes® & Web (R5.0)" template.
  8. Deselect "Inherit future design changes."
  9. Click OK.

The new database should appear in the Design pane along with a list of design categories. The database's design elements such as the individual forms and views are in the Work pane. You are ready to begin Lesson 1.