resolve (Session - Java)

Returns the Domino® object that a URL addresses.

Defined in



public Base resolve(String url)
    throws NotesException


String url

A URL that addresses a Domino® object.

Return value


A Database, View, Form, Document, or Agent object. You must cast the return value to the expected type.


The general forms of URLs that address Domino® objects are as follows:

protocol :// host / database ?OpenDatabase

protocol :// host / database / view ?OpenView

protocol :// host / database / form ?OpenForm

protocol :// host / database / document ?OpenDocument

protocol :// host / database / agent ?OpenAgent 

For local calls, the protocol is "notes" and the host is empty so that the URL starts with "notes:///" ("notes," colon, and three slashes).

The database can be specified by name or replica ID. The name can include spaces (you can substitute plus signs for the spaces but it is not necessary). The name need not include the type suffix if it is NSF. The replica ID can be specified as the 16-digit ID by itself or the 16-digit ID prefixed by two underscores and suffixed by the file type (for example, NSF).

The view, form, document, or agent can be specified by name, universal ID, or note ID (not recommended because note IDs change between replicas).

The action (following the question mark) must be specified.

You can use getURL to specify the URL.

See "Domino® URL Commands" in Application Development with Domino® Designer for additional information about the construction of URLs.