AddressBooks (Session - Java)

Read-only. The Domino® Directories and Personal Address Books, including directory catalogs, known to the current session.

Defined in


Data type

java.util.Vector; elements are Database


public java.util.Vector getAddressBooks()
    throws NotesException


To distinguish between a Domino® Directory and a Personal Address Book, use isPublicAddressBook and isPrivateAddressBook of Database.

A database retrieved through getAddressBooks is closed. To access all its properties and methods, you must open the database with the open method in NotesDatabase. Only the following properties are available when the database is closed:

  • getFileName
  • getFilePath
  • isOpen
  • isPublicAddresBook
  • isPrivateAddressBook
  • getParent
  • getServer

If the program runs on a workstation, both Domino® Directories and Personal Address Books are included. If the program runs on a server or through remote (IIOP) calls, only Domino® Directories on the server are included.