LSX for Connectors

LotusScript® Extensions for Connectors (LC LSX) enhances the power of Notes® by extending its scripting to data outside of Notes® through the use of Connectors. The programming model is independent of the individual connector. This eliminates the need to learn each individual system, while at the same time allowing experienced users to access the individual features of a specific system.

This release of the LSX supports access to the following connectors:

  • Notes®
  • DB2®
  • File System
  • ODBC
  • Oracle
  • OLE DB
  • Sybase

In addition to these connectors, the LC LSX also supports additional premium connectors, such as the Connector for SAP Solutions. These specialized connectors may require additional methods; see the documentation that ships with each of these connectors for more information.

The LC LSX can be used alone or in conjunction with the Domino® Enterprise Connection Services (DECS) or HCL Enterprise Integrator for Domino® (HEI). Respectively, these technologies provide programmatic and declarative access to external data for application development.

These help screens contain a general description of the individual classes of the LotusScript® Extension for Connectors, and describes how the classes might be used to implement a typical application. The documentation assumes a working knowledge of LotusScript®, the Notes® development environment, and the Notes® classes. For more information on any of these subjects, please refer to the Notes® Programmer's Guide.