Connectors and Connectivity Guide

This document provides information about the Connectors supplied with HCL Enterprise Integrator for Domino (HEI) and Domino® Enterprise Connection Services (DECS). These Connectors can be used with HEI, DECS, and Connector LotusScript® Extensions (LC LSX).

Note The LC LSX is supplied with HCL Domino® server, HCL Domino® Designer, HCL Notes®, HEI, and DECS.

This manual also provides information about setting up and using Connectors, including information about required software and instructions for testing connectivity.

This manual is a core component of both the HEI and DECS user documentation set.

The following information is presented:
  • Description of each Connector supplied with HEI and DECS, including properties and values on each Connection Document
  • Software requirements for connecting to external data sources and accessing the data in those external sources
  • Supplied connectivity testing programs DCTEST and CONTEST