Ability to exclude fields from full-text search indexes

A new application property allows you to specify fields to exclude from full-text search indexing.

Note: You must enable this feature by adding the notes.ini setting FT_DEBUG_DISABLE_DB_RULES=0 to the Domino server.
To generate more useful full-text search results and to save space, you can exclude fields in an application that aren't relevant for full-text searches. With an application open in Domino Designer, open Application Properties and select the FtFields tab. All the fields in the application are listed. For each field to exclude from full-text indexing, select it in the list. To automatically select all fields that begin with $, click Enable $*.
FtFields properties tab
Note: To use this feature, you should have a complete understanding of the application and the repercussions of exempting certain fields from searches. In general, you should avoid using this feature on templates that ship with the product as these templates could have fields required for internal functions. Examples of these are:
  • Fields in the mail template (mailxx.ntf) used by the router for execution of mail rules.
  • Fields in the Domino directory (pubnames.ntf) used for complex external LDAP queries and for internal queries like auto-population of dynamic group membership.