To create a file resource and set its properties


  1. On the Applications Navigator, click "Resources."
  2. Click Files. The files work pane opens.
  3. Click "New File Resource."
  4. Browse to select the file you want to designate as a file resource. You can also select multiple files.

    In the Open dialog box, click "Open" to add the files to the work pane as shared file resources in the application.

  5. To set properties for each file resource, select the file resource from the design element list on the work pane. Click on the Properties tab following the work pane and select any of the additional tabs to set the respective properties. These include the following::
    • Basic - defines basic information about the file including Name, Alias, Comments, and the Character set used by the file.
    • Web Properties - defines web-related properties such as Mime type and Read Only settings.
    • Info - provides basic information such as creation date, modification date, file size, etc.
    • Design - lets you specify design template information, refresh options, and various design-related settings.
    • Fields - indicates the fields available to that file resource
    • Document IDs - specifies Notes® document ID information