Table of connectivity solutions

This table describes some of the connectivity solutions available to you.

Connectivity solutions


Domino® version

DCR - Database Connection Resource

Design element within Domino® Designer that lets you define a connection to a database for use in a form or field.

R6 or higher

DECS - Domino® Enterprise Connection Services

Forms-based development tool. Provides live access to enterprise data and applications, including relational databases, transaction systems, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.

R4.6 or higher

LS:DO - LotusScript® Data Object

Provides LotusScript® access to any ODBC-compliant data sources.

R4.0 or higher

JDBC - Java Database Connectivity

Provides access from Java agents to relational data via standard JDBC classes. A JDBC to ODBC bridge also ships as a part of Domino®.

R4.6 or higher

Domino® Connector LotusScript® Classes

Unified object model with a consistent interface to programmatically access enterprise data and applications. These classes can be used with LotusScript® or Java.

R4.6.3 or higher

Domino® Connectors

Modules which provide native connectivity to enterprise data sources. These connectors can be accessed through Domino® Enterprise Connection Services or programmatically through Domino® classes.

Connectors to DB2®, Oracle, Sybase, Text & File based systems, EDA/SQL, and ODBC are provided with the Domino® server. Premium connectors to ERP applications, Transaction Monitors, and Directory systems are available separately.

Note that the NotesSQL driver for ODBC access to Domino® data is available for free from the web site at

R4.6.3 or higher

LSX - LotusScript® extensions

Create custom objects that work natively with Domino® applications as well as Java and OLE. Some examples of LSXs are MQSeries®, SAP, DB2®, and rich text.

The DB2® LSX provides classes for programming directly to the DB2® client access library.

R4.0 or higher

Enterprise Integrator

(Notes® Pump)

Data distribution server that provides support for event-driven or scheduled high-volume transfer and data source synchronization.

R4.0 or higher

Domino® Connector Toolkit

Provides developers with tools and information to build additional Domino® Connectors and Java or LotusScript® classes.

R4.0 or higher