Reload (NotesUIDocument - LotusScript®)

Refreshes the current document with any changes made to the back-end document associated with the current editing session.

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Call notesUIDocument .Reload( )


This method is valid only when the document is in Edit mode.

This method reloads the back-end document associtated with the editing session, which can be acquired through the Document property. It does not reload the base back-end document saved on disk. You must close and reopen the document to reload the base back-end document.

This method is useful only when the AutoReload property is False. By default this property is True and modifications to the back-end document appear immediately in the front-end. Where reloading on every modification is slow, you might set the AutoReload property to False, make the modifications, and call Reload.

Rich text items are an exception. Modifications made to rich-text items in the back-end document do not appear in the front-end until the document is closed and reopened.

Modifications made to the back-end document outside the current editing session (for example, by an agent or another user) do not appear until the document is closed and reopened.

You can close and reopen a front-end document with NotesUIDocument.Close(True) and NotesUIWorkspace.EditDocument.