FieldSetText (NotesUIDocument - LotusScript®)

Sets the value of a field in a document. The existing contents of the field, if any, are written over.

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Call notesUIDocument .FieldSetText( fieldName$ , textValue$ )



String. The name of the field with the value you want to set. The field must be editable. Specify an empty string ("") to set the value of the current field.


String. The value you want to give to the field. If the fieldName$ is not of type text, this value is converted from text to the appropriate data type when you save the document.


This method is valid only when the document is in Edit mode. To enter multiple values for a multi-value field, separate the values with the input separator as specified in the field properties.


If a script attempts to call FieldSetText when a document is not in Edit mode, it raises the error: "You must be in Edit mode to change the value of a field."