@PostedCommand (Formula Language)

Executes a Notes/Domino command. Most of the standard menu commands can be executed using @PostedCommand. In addition, a number of specialized commands are available. In a formula, any command invoked using @PostedCommand executes after the rest of the formula has been evaluated.


@PostedCommand( [ command ] ; parameters )


[ command ]

See @Commands for a list of available commands.


See the specific @Command topic for details on parameters available for that command.


This function does not work in column, selection, hide-when, section editor, window title, field, or form formulas, or in agents that run on a server. It's intended for use in toolbar button, hotspot, and action formulas.

Note: If your formula will be executed in Notes® Release 3, use @PostedCommand instead of @Command; Notes® Release 3 cannot execute an @Command formula constructed in Release 4 or later. If your @command formulas constructed in Release 3 are compiled in Release 4 or later, Notes/Domino automatically changes each occurrence of @Command to @PostedCommand.