@Exp (Formula Language)

Calculates the number e (approximately 2.718282) raised to the specified power (this value can contain up to 14 decimal places).


@Exp( power )



Number or number list. The power to which you want to raise e. Notes/Domino can only calculate this function when the number is between -11355.1371 and 11356.5234. Values outside this range will return the value @ERROR.

Return value


Number or number list. The number e raised to the power of the parameter.


If the parameter is a list, the function operates on each element of the list, and the return value is a list with the same number of elements.

Natural logs use the constant e as their base. Use @Exp in formulas requiring exponential functions.


  1. This example returns 3.49034295746184 (e raised to the power of 1.25).
  2. This example returns 0.28650479686019 (e raised to the power of -1.25).
  3. This example returns 3.49034295746184 and 0.28650479686019 in a list.
    @Exp(1.25 : (-1.25))