ViewEntry (Java)

Represents a view entry. A view entry describes a row in a view.


public class ViewEntry extends Base


Contained by: View, ViewEntryCollection, ViewNavigator

Contains: Document


ChildCount through getChildCount

ColumnIndentLevel through getColumnIndentLevel

ColumnValues through getColumnValues

DescendantCount through getDescendantCount

Document through getDocument

FTSearchScore through getFTSearchScore

IndentLevel through getIndentLevel

IsCategory through isCategory

IsConflict through isConflict

IsDocument through isDocument

IsTotal through isTotal

IsValid through isValid

NoteID through getNoteID

Parent through getParent

SiblingCount through getSiblingCount

UniversalID through getUniversalID



getRead method



You access a view entry through the get methods in ViewEntryCollection and ViewNavigator, and through View.getEntryByKey.


The three types of view entries are document, category, and total.

Documents retrieved from view entries do not have ColumnValues, FTSearchScore, or ParentView set. These values should be accessed via the ColumnValues, FTSearchScore, and Parent properties of the ViewEntry object that contains the document.

Automatic updates: avoid

Avoid automatically updating the parent view by explicitly setting IsAutoUpdate to false. Automatic updates degrade performance and may invalidate entries ("Entry not found in index"). You can update the view as needed with refresh.