ViewColumn (Java)

Represents a column in a view or folder.


public class ViewColumn extends Base


Contained by: View


Alignment through getAlignment and setAlignment

DateFmt through getDateFmt and setDateFmt

FontColor through getFontColor and setFontColor

FontFace through getFontFace and setFontFace

FontPointSize through getFontPointSize and setFontPointSize

FontStyle through getFontStyle and setFontStyle

Formula through getFormula and setFormula

HeaderAlignment through getHeaderAlignment and setHeaderAlignment

HeaderFontColor through getHeaderFontColor and setHeaderFontColor

HeaderFontFace through getHeaderFontFace and setHeaderFontFace

HeaderFontPointSize through getHeaderFontPointSize and setHeaderFontPointSize

HeaderFontStyle through getHeaderFontStyle and setHeaderFontStyle

IsAccentSensitiveSort through isAccentSensitiveSort and setAccentSensitiveSort

IsCaseSensitiveSort through isCaseSensitiveSort and setCaseSensitiveSort

IsCategory through isCategory

IsField through isField

IsFontBold through isFontBold and setFontBold

IsFontItalic through isFontItalic and setFontItalic

IsFontStrikethrough through isFontStrikethrough and setFontStrikethrough

IsFontUnderline through isFontUnderline and setFontUnderline

IsFormula through isFormula

IsHeaderFontBold through isHeaderFontBold and setHeaderFontBold

IsHeaderFontItalic through isHeaderFontItalic and setHeaderFontItalic

IsHeaderFontStrikethrough through isHeaderFontStrikethrough and setHeaderFontStrikethrough

IsHeaderFontUnderline through isHeaderFontUnderline and setHeaderFontUnderline

IsHidden through isHidden and setHidden

IsHideDetail through isHideDetail and setHideDetail

IsIcon through isIcon

IsNumberAttribParens through isNumberAttribParens and setNumberAttribParens

IsNumberAttribPercent through isNumberAttribPercent and setNumberAttribPercent

IsNumberAttribPunctuated through isNumberAttribPunctuated and setNumberAttribPunctuated

IsResize through isResize and setResize

IsResortAscending through isResortAscending and setResortAscending

IsResortDescending through isResortDescending and setResortDescending

IsResortToView through isResortToView and setResortToView

IsResponse through isResponse

IsSecondaryResort through isSecondaryResort and setSecondaryResort

IsSecondaryResortDescending through isSecondaryResortDescending and setSecondaryResortDescending

IsShowTwistie through isShowTwistie and setShowTwistie

IsSortDescending through isSortDescending and setSortDescending

IsSorted through isSorted and setSorted

ItemName through getItemName

ListSep through getListSep and setListSep

NumberAttrib through getNumberAttrib and setNumberAttrib

NumberDigits through getNumberDigits and setNumberDigits

NumberFormat through getNumberFormat and setNumberFormat

Parent through getParent

Position through getPosition and setPosition

ResortToViewName through getResortToViewName and setResortToViewName

SecondaryResortColumnIndex through getSecondaryResortColumnIndex and setSecondaryResortColumnIndex

TimeDateFmt through getTimeDateFmt and setTimeDateFmt

TimeFmt through getTimeFmt and setTimeFmt

TimeZoneFmt through getTimeZoneFmt and setTimeZoneFmt

Title through getTitle and setTitle

Width through getWidth and setWidth





You access an existing ViewColumn object through the view or folder that contains it. Use getColumns or getColumn in View.

Use createColumn and copyColumn in View to create a new column.