Example of using an agent that mails action item notices

About this task

Consider that every week, you want action items mailed from the Meeting Tracking database to the people who are assigned to each task.


  1. Select the Meeting Tracking database, and choose Create - Agent. The Agent Properties box appears.
  2. Give the agent the name "Mail Action Items" and then select "Shared Agent."
  3. Select "On schedule" as the trigger.
  4. Select "Weekly" from the list.
  5. Click the Schedule button.
  6. Select "Wednesday" from the "On day" list and type the following in select 05:00 PM from the "At time" list.
  7. Click OK.
  8. In the Target list, select "All new & modified documents."
  9. Close the Agent Properties box.
  10. Highlight "Document Selection" in the Objects list and click the "Add Condition" button.
  11. In the Condition list, select "By form" and select "Action Item." Click Add.
  12. Click "Add Condition" again.
  13. In the Condition list, select "By field." Select Status, contains, Open. Click Add.
  14. In the Object list, highlight Action and click "Add Action."
  15. Select "Send Mail Message" from the Action list and click More.
  16. In the To box, click Formula and enter the formula:
  17. In the Subject box, click Formula, type the following formula and click OK:
    ActionItem + ", due " + @Text(DueDate)
  18. In the Body box, type:
    This action item has been assigned to you.
  19. Click OK.
  20. Check "Include copy of document" and click OK.
  21. Close and save the agent.