Creating a database that receives mailings

About this task

If a database is designed to receive mail, you must create a Mail-In Database on a server that all users and servers can access. Then, you must create an associated Mail-In Database document in the Domino® Directory. This document must exist in the Domino® Directory of every server that stores a replica of the database. The database cannot receive mail until you create this document.


  1. In the access control list (ACL) of the Mail-In Database, make sure you have at least Author access with the Create Documents privilege selected.
  2. Open the Domino® Directory and choose Create - Server - Mail-In Database.
  3. Complete the following fields of the mail-in database document.



    Mail-in name

    A name that identifies the database in the SendTo fields or in formulas on the form.


    A description of the database.


    The domain name if your organization uses multiple mailing domains.


    The hierarchical name of the server on which this database resides.


    The database directory name (if the database is in a subdirectory of the Notes® Data directory) and the file name.

    For information on all the fields in the Mail-in database document, see Domino® Administrator Help.

  4. Optional: Optional) Click Administration. Next to Administrators, enter additional names of people who can change this document.
  5. Give the name of the database to appropriate users so they can enter it in the To field of messages destined for the database.
  6. Close and save the document.