Creating a standard outline view

About this task

To design a view, you must have Designer access in the access control list of the database.


  1. Open a database in Domino® Designer.
  2. Click Views in the Applications Navigator.
  3. Click the New View button. The Create View dialog box appears.
  4. Enter a name for the view in the View name field.
  5. Choose a View type in the View type field.
  6. Select a location in the "Select a location for the new view" field.

    If you want the view to appear at the top level in the list of views, do not select anything in this field. Otherwise, click the name of the view under which you want the new view to appear.

  7. Click "Copy style from," then do the following:
    • Click Blank if you do not want to copy another view's style.
    • Click the view whose style you want to copy. If the style uses selection by formula, the view's selection criteria appears in the "Selection criteria" field.
  8. Optional: When "Select by formula" is checked, you can use the Fields and Functions button and Formula window button to further refine the new view's selection criteria.
  9. Click "Save and Customize" to open the View pane. Or, click OK to create the new view, then double-click the new view in the Views list to open it.

    The Column Properties box opens automatically with the first column of the view selected.

  10. In the Column Info tab, enter a name for the column in the Title field. You can also specify other properties of the column in this tab.
  11. Click the Column Title tab to determine the font, size, color, and alignment of the column title. Click the Font tab to do the same for values that display in the column.
  12. Add other columns by choosing either:
    • Create - Insert New Column to create a column preceding the highlighted column.
    • Create - Append New Column to add the column following all existing columns.
  13. Click each column in the Work pane. In the Programmer's pane, add programming to determine the column value. For example, a column can list the creation date or the size of each document.
  14. Click the current view in the Objects list and expand it. Select "View Selection" and add programming for the view's document selection.
  15. Choose Design - View Properties and click the Style tab to style the view.
  16. Close and save the view.