Designing folders

About this task

Folders are containers used to store related documents or groupings of documents. Folders have the same design elements as views.

You can design folders in much the same way as views, using File - New - Folder from the menu. The difference between folders and views is that views always have a document selection formula that collects and displays documents automatically. A folder remains empty until users or programs add documents to the folder.

You can also create folders as follows:


  1. In the Applications Navigator, double-click Folders.
  2. Click the New Folder button.
  3. At the Create Folder panel, do the following:
    • Create a folder name
    • Select the folder type
    • Select a location for the new folder
    • If you wish to copy an existing folder style, click Advanced. Click the Copy From... button and copy a style from the Copy Style From panel.
  4. Click OK to create the folder and save it. Click Cancel to cancel the create operation.
  5. Click Save and Customize to save the folder but keep on editing.


Note that Web users cannot drag documents into folders.

You may also create a folder from a design element list by selecting Create - Design - Folder.

For more information on folders, see Notes® Help.