Creating formulas and buttons for the Web

To use certain @commands or create multiple form buttons for Web applications accessed on the Web, select the database property "Web access: Use JavaScript when generating pages" on the Database Info tab of the Database Properties box. To open the Database Properties box, open or select the database and choose File - Application - Properties.

Note: There is no Web Formula module in the new dual platform event model. If you write Client Formula code to perform an action in a Web application, check the Hide option "Notes® 4.6 or later clients" on the Hide tab of the properties box for the element you are programming.

Web application performance tips

Selecting the "Web access: Use JavaScript when generating pages" affects display, buttons, and @commands throughout the application in the following ways:

If you select "Use JavaScript"

If you don't select "Use JavaScript"

Display: Documents and navigators display faster because hotspot formulas are not evaluated until users click each hotspot.

Display: Documents and navigators display more slowly because the hotspot formulas are all evaluated at the display time.

Buttons: Domino® doesn't generate a Submit button automatically.

Buttons: Domino® automatically generates a Submit button, at the end of the form.

To allow users to save and close a form on the Web, you must create a button, hotspot, or action that contains these commands:



If there is already one or more buttons on the form, Domino® converts the first button it recognizes to a Submit button automatically and ignores all other buttons on the form.

You can have multiple buttons on a form.

You can have only one button, a Submit button, on a form.

@Commands: The following commands are supported on the Web:

@Command([CloseWindow]) @Command([FileSave]) @Command([ViewRefreshFields])

@Commands: The following commands are not supported on the Web:

@Command([CloseWindow]) @Command([FileSave]) @Command([ViewRefreshFields])

Domino® does not check the formulas before displaying pages.

Domino® checks the formulas before displaying pages. Actions that contain unsupported @commands or @functions will not be displayed on the Web.