Planning an application for mobile users

You may want an application you design for Notes® or Web users to be available to mobile users. You can easily tailor an existing application for mobile users by excluding certain design elements from a mobile application to streamline it for better performance. For example, you may to exclude a large, complex view or a graphical navigator from the design elements that get served to mobile users to avoid performance problems.

You can specifically exclude design elements by using the option "Hide design element from Mobile clients" option on the Design tab of the Design document properties box. You can set this property for multiple elements by holding down the Shift key while selecting elements from the design pane, then choosing Design - Design Properties to display the Design Document properties box.

For information on design properties introduced in Domino Designer 11 for HCL Nomad mobile clients, see the topic New properties in Designer to support HCL Nomad.

For more information, see Hide-when options for all applications.