Providing online Help for an application

Including Help with your application improves the chances that users will understand how to use it without asking for individual Help from you or a coworker. Database Help can be integrated throughout the application so that users have information as they need it.

Use these tools and techniques to document an application:

  • "About This Database" and "Using This Database" documents describe the database purpose. You can also create a page that provides this type of information.
  • The document preview pane lets users scan through documents quickly to get a sense of what's in the database.
  • Database launch settings allow you to display the most useful starting point for users. This might be the "About This Database" page or it might be the home page for the application.
  • Context-sensitive Help in applications provides task-specific information as users need it. They can access the information with a Help button or the F1 key in a Notes® application or with a Help button in a Web application.
  • Field Help describes the purpose and use of individual fields.
  • A Help view organizes and displays Help documents.
  • A separate Help database can be set to stay visible when another window is in focus in your application while users work.