Hiding design elements

About this task

You can hide most design elements so that users can't see them on menus or lists. You do this in the Design tab of the Properties box for the design element or agent.

Choose from these options at the Design tab:

"Hide design element from"

About this task

Choose "Web browsers" to hide a Notes- or Mobile-only design element from Web users.

Choose "Notes® R4.6 or later" to hide a Web- or Mobile-only design element from Notes® users.

Choose "Mobile clients" to hide a Notes- or Web-only design element from Mobile users.

Choose all options to hide the design element from all users. This is useful when a design element launches only from a button or a formula, or if you designed the element for purposes that users don't need to know about.

"Do not show this design element in menus of Notes® R4 or later clients"

About this task

Use this to hide older design elements from Notes® Release 4 or later users.

Hidden design elements are hidden from the server too; you can't use Domino® URL commands to access documents in hidden views or forms.

Tip: To hide a design element that isn't needed by users but is used for background processes, such as lookup formulas, enclose the design element name in parentheses -- for example, (Lookup View) -- instead of using Hide When tab options.

To hide design elements


  1. Open a database in Domino® Designer.
  2. In the Applications Navigator, select a design element.
  3. In the Work pane, select the name of the design element you want to hide.
  4. Do one of the following:
    • For an agent, choose Agent - Agent Properties.
    • For a script library, choose Edit - Properties.
    • For other design elements, choose Design- Design Properties.
  5. Click the Design tab.
  6. Choose the appropriate Hide When options.