Multiplication operator (LotusScript® Language)

Multiplies two numbers.


numExpr1 * numExpr2


numExpr1, numExpr2

Any numeric expressions. An EMPTY operand is considered a 0.

Return value

The result is a value whose data type is generally the same as that of the operand whose data type is latest in this ordering: Integer, Long, Single, Currency, Double. For example, if one operand is a Double and the other is a Long, then the data type of the result is Double.

The exceptions are:

  • If either numExpr1 or numExpr2 are NULL expressions, the result is a NULL.
  • If numExpr1 and numExpr2 are both EMPTY, the result is Integer.
  • When the result has a Variant data type of Long, Single, or Date/Time that overflows its legal range,it's converted to a Variant of Double. When the result is a Variant of type Integer that overflows its legal range, it's converted to a Variant of Long.


Dim x As Integer
x% = 2 * 3
Print x% * 3.4               ' Prints 20.4